Amazon Robots

As Cyber Monday comes to a close, there is still an amazingly huge demand for online products. Amazon bought Kiva, a robot manufacturer, who has been aiding Amazon in their shipment process. It is said that a Kiva robot looks similar to a little ottoman on wheels and in essence, the robots scurry around lifting and moving racks of merchandise to humans who can then box items up. At the warehouses that they are currently present in, they are saving many of the employees from walking miles and miles a day by walking back and forth.  The Kiva robot are guided by tape markers on the floor and can scan individual racks to confirm they’re moving the right one. As of now, people are more efficient with the whole boxing process but it’s said that this is the next step for the robots.

I think it’s really cool to imagine a warehouse floor covered with little robots doing all the heavy lifting. Other than the initial purchase of the Kiva robots, it saves Amazon money because they don’t need as many employees on the ground floor. However, if I was one of those warehouse workers I’d be growing very concerned. Soon enough, the technology for these working robots will be advanced enough to take over the remaining folding/boxing/shipping tasks that they aren’t able to do yet. After that, those people better start looking for another job.

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