Artificial Intelligence Startup, Sentient, Gains a Lot More Backing

           Sentient is a seven year old start up based out of San Francisco that focuses on helping large companies manage complex tasks such as financial trading. In the latest series C funding round, investors like Access Industries Holdings, Horizon Ventures, Tata Communications, and numerous private investors granted Sentient a whopping 103.5 million dollars. Cumulatively since their start, Sentient has received a grand total of 143 million dollars. Access Industries exclaims that companies need to have the ability to make sense of massive amounts of data as it is critical for consumer-facing digital companies. They plan on incorporating their new technology with Sentient into their other entertainment, media, and e-commerce companies, allowing them to have the means of pursuing a more innovative path. So far, Sentient’s artificial intelligence technology has been used in the financial and medical sector of business but with their newly found support (and the business experience their investors have), they will be able to expand their team, distribution, and broaden their direction to pursue grander opportunities.

           It’s amazing to think how much money Sentient has received which is a clear indication of how much their investors believe in the concept. With support like they are receiving, they have a chance to break down barriers and explore opportunities that other companies haven’t. In short, they might be on their way to revolutionizing the  functionality and  the way AI is incorporated into large scale companies in general. No pressure there!

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