Jawbone is a brand that designs wearable fitness technology. One of their most successful products is the UP wrist band which tracks steps, foot intake, and sleep patterns. They are debuting two new products this year that incorporate more advanced technology that allows the user to measure heart rate/respiration and body/room temperature as well. In order for them to do this, Jawbone had to buy out BodyMedia, a health monitoring startup, whose devices have been certified by the FDA.

The new software installed in each band will better allow them to one-up FitBit, their main competitor. The article goes on to compare the two, mostly pointing out the advantages to Jawbone’s new models. It seemed as though the writer of the article may have already been a fan of Jawbone or even an employee as it seemed a bit one sided. As an owner of an UP band already, I think it was huge for them to acquire BodyMedia in order to advance their product. They needed to go in the direction they did and in the process, also eliminated a potential threat to their company by buying them out and utilizing their resources.


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